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Drainage Solutions


Too much sitting water on your lawn can be a problem. If you don't have proper drainage, the area around your gutters can become waterlogged during a downpour. Not only will it ruin your landscape design, is can cause exterior or interior damage to your home. We can install a proper drainage system, diverting water safely away from your home. 

If your lawn holds puddles of water for a long period of time, that's because the water has no where to go. We suggest a drainage system to remove the sitting water. Grass needs oxygen to grow. Too much water can produce air gaps in the soil, which will drown and kill your lawn. Therefore, your lawn will not be able to absorb the important nutrients it needs into the root system to sustain proper growth. 

Water can also puddle onto driveways or existing patios. Channel or french drains are used to quickly move a flow of water. Because they are concrete or steel, they are durable for any areas like garages, swimming pools and much more. If you're having issues with standing water, we'd be happy to help. 

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